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In 1970, a group of concerned Addison residents gathered together to create a local non-profit organization for the purpose of serving Addison families, within Addison Township, in need of assistance..

The Addison Community Switchboard (ACS) was originally established to act as a referral center, directing Addison residents to various social service agencies throughout DuPage County and the Chicagoland metropolitan area, hence the name “switchboard”. Over the years, as the needs of our community grew, it soon became apparent that the demands for service were fast out-growing the available supply. In response, the Addison Community Switchboard began the process of adding in-house services to its operations.

First a food pantry was established to provide a basic assortment of food products to hungry families.

The ACS is a member of several area associations such as the Community Hunger Network, which works to improve coordination and integration of food deliveries to the needy in DuPage County. They find new ways to increase the food supply, along with providing sound nutritional information. It coordinates services among its member agencies and works on development of new and innovative ideas such as the “Client Choice Program,” allowing the client to select the food they need or prefer, rather than receiving a pre-packaged assortment. This customized assortment of food eliminates waste of items not needed or desired.The ACS supplements the food donations received from the community with food purchased from the Northern Illinois Food Bank, located in St. Charles, IL. The food is purchased at a reduced price and the selection of items is as vast as any super-market. This allows for better balance of food in the pantry at all times.

A clothes closet was developed soon thereafter.

Today, in addition to food and clothing, the ACS offers a wide variety of services, including payments for medical, dental and optical care and prescriptions.The ACS continues to make referrals, directing clients to available services in the Chicagoland area.

The ACS does not refuse food or clothing to anyone on their first visit.

Subsequently, however, birth certificates for each child are requested, as well as a referral from some agency or professional party to establish need, and such referrals must be updated every six months for continued assistance, in order to monitor the needs. Since 2007, the ACS has been based at 193 West Michael Lane, a bulding shared with the Addison Neighborhood Resource Center. 

Fundraising efforts are chiefly in the fall, just prior to our Christmas food and gift basket program,

Grants and other donations are received throughout the year, including funds received from the Addison Mayor's Ball and the area CROP Hunger walk held each fall.


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Board of Directors


Mary Arbaugh

Vice President
James W. Lombardo, Sr.

Mary Klatt

Larry Burger



Terri Hoppensteadt
Karyn Ustas
Barb Schweihs
Gloria Velez


James W. Lombardo, Sr.
Laura Herrara

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